How is the Ministry of Vivification (MoVi) connected to the concepts of Terrorism? How is it related to the Global Awakening Program (GAP)? What could be its far-reaching effects? How does it touch each of our individual lives? And who do we become once it does?

Well, most of those data are closely guarded secrets well hidden within the walls of the MoVi. But in the centuries I’ve spent in there, I’ve heard whispers playing themselves in loops in the cracks of the walls, words dripping from the damp ceilings, faint images dangling in the thin air.

This section is where I collate that understanding. The interpretation is my own. The MoVi doesn’t in any way either know or endorse what you’ll be reading over here. I’ll update this as long as they aren’t able to hunt me down.

This will be a revelation.


  1. Terror: An Introduction to An Introduction